DIY Arduino Bluetooth Controlled Tryk (Tricycle)

This is my first Instructable that I post or share here.
In doing this Instuctable .it Teach me on how to focus seriously, it is big help for me because it motivated and inspired me to do more. But My main goal here is to motivate some people that even it is hard they can do with their selves and specially to be proud on their works. My concept in doing this is Tricylce because some of the project here in instructable is always a 4WD ..

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Step 1: Step 1. Having Your Materials

1 Hacked RC Car

1 Arduino ( I used Aduino Mega)
1 Servo
1 Bluetooth Module
3 Relay

1 SBEC switching battery eliminator circuit

1 Lipo Battery 2200mAh
1 Bluetooth Controller

Extra Materials
1/4 size Plywood
1/2 size Plyboard


Step 2: Step 2. Building the Case

Balance the Front wheel to the Back wheel .

Step 3: Step 3. Build the Cicuit

I used relay for Reverse/Forward and for Switch.
I used Servo for Steering.
and Arduino to control and give power to the bluetooth module.
the SBEC placed under the board.

Step 4: Step 4. Programing

Step 5: Step 6. Finishing and Testing

I put a simple design ..

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