DIY Armored Batman Helmet Using Cardboard


Introduction: DIY Armored Batman Helmet Using Cardboard

About: i make inexpensive costume & prop at home, free PDF files ( share your builds on insta @dalilomo , #dalidiy :) watch video on

Cut & glue cardboard to make a Armor Batman Helmet.

homemade Batman Armored aka Mech Suit helmet, download pdf template & watch video follow steps to make one at home, have fun! :)

Step 1: Download Free PDF Template

Step 2: Papermache

papermache the cardboard to make it more sturdy. Create scratch mark & battle damage.


Step 3: End Result

here's a video of all steps on how to make this cardboard helmet, have fun! :)


download & reference



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    4 Discussions

    Love the helmet, a few tweaks and you could probably do a 2014 Robocop helmet without too much trouble too!

    2 replies

    you don't have to, because here's robocop :)

    yes, but thats robocop 1987, yours is more similar to robocop 2014

    heres a direct link to a 2014 helmet I found anyhow