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Bocce is a game of aiming, most commonly played with balls. In this instructable I will teach you how to make a version of the game that is played with arrows instead of balls.

NOTE: I will not be held responsible if you hurt yourself.

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Step 1: Things You Need

9 wooden chopsticks
3 different colors of poster board or folders or stiff paper (one of which should be white)
Regular 2 in. (5cm) wide packing tape

Pocket Knife (an X-Acto knife will probably work instead) 

Step 2: Cut Poster Board

Cut the poster board so that you have 14 rectangles approximately 1in. by 2 in. (2.5cm by 5cm): 6 of one color, 6 of another color, and 2 of white. Then cut each of the rectangles in half diagonally so that you have 28 triangles. Discard one of the white triangles. These 27 triangles will be the wings.

Step 3: Tape the Poster Board Wings on to the Chopsticks

For the first wing, cut a piece of tape approx. 1in. long and place one of the longer edges of the piece of tape to one side of the wing as shown in the first picture. Then wrap almost all of the rest of the tape around the thicker end of the chopstick. Then tape the rest of the of the tape to the other side of the wing.
For the second wing, cut 2 pieces of tape approx. 1/2 in. long and place one of the pieces of tape to one side of the wing as you did for the first wing. then tape it to the chopstick approx. 120 degrees away from the first wing. Then use the other piece of tape to tape down the other side of the wing.
For the third wing, do exactly what you just did for the second wing, 120 degrees away from both the first and the second wings.

Repeat with the other chopsticks until you have 9 arrows, 4 of one color, 4 of the other color, and one white.

Step 4: Sharpen the Arrows

Using the pocket knife or X-Acto knife, shave down the arrows until they are all sharp.

Step 5: Make a Cool Box

This step is optional, but to finish off this project, make a cool box (I made mine out of an oatmeal container).

Step 6: Things You Need

This game is for two players, but if you want you can make an additional four arrows of a different color so three people can play. The first player throws the white arrow. Then the two players take turns throwing one of their own colored arrows, and whoever gets an arrow closest to the white arrow wins the round! Alternate who gets to throw the white arrow first. 

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    9 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 6

    If you don't have a pocket knife you can also use a pencil sharpener it worked for me!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Ok I just looked it up and they are illegal not only Canada but also in The US. But the're just illegal sell and manufacture them. I'm not selling or manufacturing them so I think I'm ok.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great Ible but to make it one step easier use a pencil sharpener to point your darts. I have been making bolts the same way for my crossbow using a pencil sharpener for some time. It's fast and easy, also when you dull your darts and they will dull it's something that brings them to a fast point with very professional looking results. It may wear out a cheap little sharpener but get a good one and it fits in your pocket and is very portable. I have mine on a little lanyard so it's always with me/

    1 reply