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Introduction: DIY- Artificial String Nest

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Once i was thinking what can i do with the bundle of unused string laying around in my garage. I start searching what can be the other things which can be used to make this project along with string . Once i finalize all my ingredients then i decided why not to make a Artificial nest with the birds. A perfect wall-hanging for my living room or dining room. It can either be used in garden as well and the real birds liked them. It looks really great and super easy to make with very little things you can find any where around you. I scraped all of those components from usable items like a plastic tape,some round tyres of my broken toy,etc

So here in this instructable i will instruct you to how to make your own DIY artificial nest.
Lets Begin..

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Step 1: Things to Collect!

1. Bundle of String

2. A round plastic tape cover

3. Round circle tyres >I scraped from my broken toy

4. Some artificial birds

5. Scissors

6. Hot glue gun

The important this will need your imagination.

Step 2: Start Making

Just take a long string and start binding around the circular things. Make sure to bind them tight and very near to each other such that there should not left any visible area through the string. I you need to attach more string then simply stick them and start from where you left.

Step 3: Glue Them

Now you have all the string binded circular. Place them on a flate surface and glue them. Let it wet .
After some time take the whole thing and place the bird on and glue them in same way

Step 4: Place Artificial Birds

We can use different colourful birds depending upon you .Place where you want to see them(in my case i put them into each circle) and again glued.

Step 5: Add Hanging String

Add string in case to hang the nest. I glued the string simply or we can make a hole and tie a knot to lock the string in position

Step 6: Lets See What You Have Make

Now finally we are done with DIY-artificial nest. Hang them into your living room, garden where you like. This will give a decent view while I used in my garden.
Hope you Like my instructable
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    great string brackets that's awsome