DIY Audio Amplifier

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This video shows you how to build a simple audio amplifier that can be connected to any device with an audio output jack (such as an iPhone, which we show in this video).

Required Parts:
Solderless breadboard or this one
low power audio amp IC
100µF or 470µF capacitor
10µF capacitor
jumper wires
aligator clips
LoudSpeaker (or better yet, build your own)
audio cables/adaptors (to connect to a sound producing device)

Optional Parts:
1kΩ resistor
9V battery clip



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    6 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The final schematic is different of the breadboard's montage, is not?
    You show a capacitator between pins 1 and 8 and in schematics appears NC... And the 0.05uF and 10Ohm between output and ground.... Could you explain the differences?
    Thanks, nice video.

    1 reply

    The 0.05µF cap and resistor form a lowpass filter. This is optional. Connecting a capacitor between pin 1 and 8 produces a gain boost. This is also optional. We used it to make the demo louder.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great job! It's amazing how much one can do with some ingenuity, and inexpensive parts. I'm 52 and have only been at this hobby for two years now, but seeing stuff like this inspires me to keep learning.