DIY Baby Drool Bib




Introduction: DIY Baby Drool Bib

This is a fun and easy DIY project made from recycled items
to help keep your baby dry from their drool! By using a child’s old shirt and
minimal sewing skills, you can design your very own personal bib. Following
this step – by – step guide will allow you to easily assemble a comfortable and
practical bib for a child.

This project is perfect for beginner level sewers. Since this project entails simple sewing tactics, it is ideal for people who want to enhance and practice their sewing skills.

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Step 1: Materials

Gather the following needed materials:

1. Child’s T-shirt (We used a toddler’s size 5T; however, any size of tshirt would work. If you decide to use a different size, measurements may need to be adjusted appropriately.)

2. Scissors

3. Ruler

4. Sharpie

5. Sewing needle and thread

6. Pins for hemming

Step 2: Step 1

Lay the shirt on a flat surface and flatten out with hands.

Step 3: Step 2

With the sharpie and the straight edge of a ruler, mark a straight vertical line from the top of the shirt’s seam to the bottom of the shirt. Repeat step to other side of the shirt.

Step 4: Step 3

With the sharpie and the straight edge of a ruler, mark a horizontal line 9 inches down from the bottom of the front neck seam.

Step 5: Step 4

Cut (include both layers of the shirt) along all marked lines on the front of the shirt.

Step 6: Step 5

Flip the shirt over to the back. With a sharpie, mark a horizontal line 6 inches down from the top of the shirt.

Step 7: Step 6

Separate the front layer of shirt material from the back layer of shirt material. Cut along the marked line on the back of the shirt so that you only cut the back layer of shirt material. Once cut, the back layer of the shirt should be significantly shorter than the front layer.

Step 8: Step 7

Turn the shirt inside out and lay on flat surface so that inside of shirt is visible. Fold up the raw edge on the bottom of the shirt ½ an inch towards the inside of the shirt. Fold it up a second time by ½ an inch to have a double fold. Pin the fold to hold in place. Repeat this step to all raw edges.

*Tip: When you come to a corner, overlap edges at an intersection.

Step 9: Step 8

To prepare to sew, place the thread through the eye of the needle and measure out, using a ruler, the needed amount of thread (approximately 12 feet). Next knot the two ends of the thread together.

Step 10: Step 9

To start sewing, start at a corner (you can start at any corner). Push the needle up through the double folded edge and pull through so that the knot acts as a buffer to keep thread from coming undone.

Step 11: Step 10

Moving ahead a very small distance (seen in above picture), push needle back down through material so that the pointed part of the needle is pointing down. Moving ahead by the same amount of space as before, push the needle back up through the material so that the pointed part of the needle is pointing up. Continue this pattern to complete all sewing. Sew in a straight line directly between the top and bottom of the double fold.

Step 12: Step 11

Continue sewing. If you run out of thread, don’t panic! Cut the thread (leaving enough thread to tie a knot) so that it is removed from the needle. Tie a double knot so that it acts as a buffer and keeps the thread from unraveling. To finish sewing the rest of the edges, start back at step 8 to re-thread additional thread through a needle.

Step 13: Step 12: Complete!

Once you have sewn all edges and have cut and knotted the end of your thread, your bib is complete and ready for usage!

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    4 years ago

    Great idea, and nicely executed. Cute kid too! :)