DIY Bag From Recycled Plates | DIY Craft for Little Girls




Intro: DIY Bag From Recycled Plates | DIY Craft for Little Girls

Step 1: To Do a Bag for Little Girls You Need!

For DIY Bag from Recycled Plates you will need:
a foam plate, paint, foam sheet, scissors, iron, velcro, ribbons.

Step 2: In This Instructables Tutorial I Show You How to Make a Bag From Recycled Plates for Little Girls.

Step 3: This Do-it-yourself Bag From Recycled Plates Is So Easy and Cute!

Step 4: These Foam Flowers Makes Them Even More Unique Bag, Is Perfect for Little Girls!!!

Step 5:

Step 6: Be Creative! Create New Bags From Recycled Plates!

Make crafts!



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    2 years ago

    the material is waterproof and just !!perhaps (something that does not allow molds attatch to it) and recycled . . . but fragile** -- flipping the decorated half , reattacing the belt through **slide holes . . .

    ((my grandpa and his sis grew up in Siberia where they made all their stuff out of nothing or natural materials mostly -- when she did babysit us she taught us a lot of tricks - also how to tell fairitales "out of lamp" -- shure others may notify you to change the scenario if they won't like it or it doesnot keep up the ecxitement - if it's such story . . . ))