DIY Balloon Hoop Wreath

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Balloons are a classic way to decorate for a party or event but why just let them fly. You can get creative like Wholesale Party Supplies did with this balloon hoop wreath.

It's an easy way to take your balloon game to the next level. Found out how to make your own!

Step 1: Supplies

Aloha Paper Fan Decoration Kit
You Had Me at Aloha Giant Palm Leaves
5-inch balloons – black, white, hot pink and metallic gold
Hula hoop
Gold ribbon
Scotch tape
Zip ties
Adhesive dots (not pictured)
Monofilament (not pictured)

Step 2: Wrap the Hoop

Wrap hula hoop with gold ribbon using tape to secure it.

Step 3: Inflate the Balloons

Use a pump to inflate balloons, making sure finished sizes vary.

Step 4: Create Balloon Bunches

Poke zip ties through balloon tails, grouping varies colors and sizes on one tie.

Step 5: Secure the Balloons to Hoop

Secure balloon groups to hula hoop. Cut zip tie tails if needed. (TIP: use adhesive dots to attach balloons to each other when needed to fill in gaps or achieve design balance.)

Step 6: Add the Palm Leaves

Trim giant palm leaves to fit within balloon groupings and secure using adhesive dots.

Step 7: Attach the Letters

Attach ALOHA letters to a length of monofilament then tie monofilament ends to hula hoop.

Step 8: Hang It

Hang finished wreath with monofilament. (TIP: to prevent the wreath from lilting, suspend from two separate lengths of monofilament.)



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