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Introduction: DIY Barbecue Table

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The philosophy of this table is that anyone can bake whatever he wants and for as long as he needs to make his food. However, a few problems arose creating it such as the overheat, the weight and the decay due to external factors like the weather conditions.

Step 1: People

The capacity of the table should be for 12 people, so the large length of our manufacture (250cm x 120cm) needed a metallic frame from the inside in order to prevent any deformations because of the excessive weight of this table.

Step 2: Metallic Frame - Square Tubes

We made a metallic frame using a square hollow section known as square tubes 60mm x 60mm, 220cm length and 100cm width with four legs 73cm tall. At the central point of this frame, it was made a socket to place the barbecue. Then, the whole top surface of the frame was lined with cement board which is used for fire safety. Regarding the final surface of the table, we used marine plywood which is water resistant as well as to the rest frame, we used the same kind of wood. At the central point under the table, a wooden box was made that covers the barbecue in order to protect the user from the high temperatures that are being increased. Thus, to increase the performance of our structure and to protect this wooden box, we lined the internal side of the box with Rockwool, which is heat insulating material and then we also placed cement board for fire safety.

Step 3: Barbecue

The barbecue has the potential to be removed and put back to its place in order to be able to be easily, cleaned. The edge of the top surface remained to the natural colour of the wood while the rest of it became black. Then, the whole table became clear varnished. Additionally, we should mention that on the days, when the table won’t be used as a barbecue, we made a wooden cover to be put on it in order to make it seem as a common table.

Step 4: Testing

After completing our manufacture and testing it, we remained satisfied from the outcome as there was no increase of the temperature in spots where we needed to be heat insulated. We were pleased realizing that with a very few coals, we could bake our food on our barbecue table for three hours or may be more. The only expected problem that we faced was the smoke that was caused by the baking. Although, this may lead us to another manufacture, which will be an extractor fan to collect the smoke that will be gathered by the table.

Step 5: Video!

Finally, we would like to thank all the make it extreme friends for their help and support and for the great company!



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    18 Discussions

    Instructions are there you must also turn on the brain, let me get inspired by it and built me a class bar

    It is wonderful.useful barbecu

    damn thats cool as hell

    Cool table but a pretty bad instructable. Correct me if I am wrong but I think instructables are supposed to include instructions.

    I saw your video when it posted on Make it Extreme before I saw the instructable. I've been plotting a table like this since I saw an ad for an octagonal version. I wondered how hot it would get and wondered how sand would work as insulation, and accept the extra weight as a necessity of comfort and safety, but never considered another, lighter material. But if I read the instructable right, more insulation may be needed.

    Fantastic build. Hopefully I'll find the means to do this someday.

    4 replies

    Casey sand works as a great insulator I built something similar last year check out my ible.

    for some reason I can't find your link to your build, can you send it to me. thanks in advance.

    There you go Casey

    I LOVE This project for so many reasons.

    -I didn't know you can free hand laser cut metal like that! That's really cool.

    - I love all the tools you used to round or bevel the wood!

    -It is such a great furniture piece to have in the backyard!! so lovely!

    2 replies

    It isn't a laser. It's a Plasma Cutter.
    It uses compressed gas (gas depends on material cut) and electricity to cut conductive things.

    Interesting, I have never seen one being used before... I like that it's to cut with on the spot vs. using the computer (although the computer can make some projects simpler). I've used a metal laser cutter that used gas as well, but the machine bed was so huge!! my piece was less than the size of a paper... it didn't nee such a huge bed.

    Can you cut curves easily with it?


    2 years ago

    This is nice, but why bother building a metal table underneath the wooden one? Surely a wooden table would be able to carry the weight as well?

    The Koreans are big on barbecue tables, and they have restaurants full of them. They have built down draught extraction in each table !

    nice Michalis ! Is the heat on the legs too much or the insulation is good???

    I saw that SEFTALIES that you bbq... omg nice memories!