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About: I am Debesh Raj Bhattarai an architect by profession. practicing in KATHMANDU, NEPAL .....with a very keen interest in DIY low cost energy, Architecture, Music and of course "EVnR" Extreme Vibration and Re...

This DIY barlow lens is for the people who are interested to innovate on astronomy with DIY stuff... I would rather say to the school goers, who would always find it amazing to find and explore new things. This one relates to DIY Barlow lens with the use of very cheap convex, concave lenses.

DIY Barlow lens is a combination of 2 convex and one concave lens of eye piece to expand the apparent magnification. It has also helped to reduce the chromatic aberration of the front lens of my DIY refractor telescope. I have used front 750mm focal length, 100mm dia convex front lens and the eye piece is DIY Barlow lens.

This DIY telescope including Barlow lenses were lying in my cupboard for more than 3 years. With which I manged to see the craters of the moon, Jupiter's planets. I still remember the day when I landed with the bunch of amateur astronomers in my neighborhood and to their amazement my DIY telescope gave them a very crisp view of Orion Nebula.... they advised me to make the stand, which I could not make. But that made me realize the potential of this DIY telescope, which I posted in YouTube eventually few months back with subtitles in English including the construction method and detail drawings, which I am sharing for your pleasure.


And also the telescope making complete in this video.



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