DIY Beaded Watch Bands




Introduction: DIY Beaded Watch Bands

I don't usually wear jewelry, but I think that those beaded watchbands you see around are really cute.  It turns out they are incredibly easy to make if you have the right stuff.

I got my beads at a local bead store and online.  For this project you need a few cute chunky beads, claps (4 per band), rings, connecter bars, smaller beads and Stretch Magic clear jewelry cord.   I have tried other brands, and this one just holds up the best without coming undone or stretching out.

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Step 1: Design

First, I set out the beads in the order I wanted.  I placed the rings on either side of the middle section (between the connector bar and the bead).

Step 2: String

Next, I strung the beads onto the Stretch Magic cord.  Make sure when you string them on your clasps are facing the same way.  Measure with the watch face you have around your wrist before you tie the cord tight.  Once tied tight, you can place glue on the knot to help it stay.  Push the knot inside one of the beads so you can't see it.

Step 3: Wear

I got my watch faces online in bulk because it was cheaper.  I was planning on making a few as gifts (which were a big hit) and a few for myself.  You can buy just 1 watch face off of ETSY for just a little more, but you don't have to buy in bulk.

It doesn't take a lot of time to do this project if you have the supplies!  After I got the hang of it and did a few, it only took me about half an hour to make 1.  Beware though that this is incredibly addicting, which is why I eventually had to ban myself from the bead store for a while because I was depleting all of my budget.

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