DIY Beado Bowl

Introduction: DIY Beado Bowl

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We have leftover beados, so we made these sweet bowls out of the beads. These are very easy to make, but you’ll need a lot of patience to get the beads to stick together while you are creating the bowls.

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Step 1:

What you need:


A lid or cup

Wooden skewer

Clear hobby glue

Water spray

Step 2:

  • First, cover the lid with water.
  • Add the beados. I started with one yellow bead and placed the other beads around it. Spray on some water to make the beads stick together.

Step 3:

  • Add the second color and place it on the outside of the yellow beads. Spray more water on the beads so they will stick together.
  • Add the white beads around the yellow beads. Continue this process until you have made a bowl shape.

Step 4:

  • Spray water all over the beads and push them together with a wooden skewer if any of the beads don’t stick properly.
  • Allow to dry overnight. I added some clear craft glue to make the bowl more stable, as the beads are quite flexible.
  • Leave until the bowl has dried.

Step 5:

  • Remove bowl from the lid.

My daughter is using the bowls to hold her jewelry and odds and ends, but you could just display them because they look so pretty.

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