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Introduction: DIY Bedroom Night Lamp

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Yup! Glowing and Beautiful! Who doesn't love those tiny LED's strips? And here is another tutorial to show you a simple night lamp to make your bed side glow with happiness (light, technically ;-) )

For this you will require :

1. An old plastic box (prefer a thin one)

2. An LED Strip, your favorite color.

3. A 9V battery (Well, a 12V telephone adapter will also do)

4. A switch

5. Some solder

6. And some wire.

Thats it! Lets get it done!

Step 1: Attach

1. Attach proper terminals of battery to the strip and add a switch between between any terminal of wire and battery.

Twist the wires and use solder.

2. Wind LED strip around the box. It has built-in stickiness. Use it, as well as some sticking tape, transparent one.

3. As we have taken thin box, make two holes and push the switch in the box.

Step 2: Plastic Bag

1. Use plastic bag on top of the box to store battery. Stick the plastic on the outer surface with tapes.

(Refer images)

Step 3: Switch On!

That's it! Turn that luminescence on and get ready to say "Awesome!" :-)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Take care that some white ribbons won't work in 9V. There is a "zener" effect on a led and some white ones need more than 3V to light. Standard 12V ribbons have three leds mounted in serial with one resistor to limit the intensity thus you could have more than 9V to make these work, that's it.