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If like me, you need to use your Jointer to cut 7° angle your wood batten, you probably need to make this tool.

I make it for a Jointer/Planer like this one : Jointer/Planer

You probably need to update One or two sizes for make your perfect own tool.

Step 1: Cute 4 Wood Parts

For the begining, you need to cut 4 wood part. I use a wood with 18mm thickness.

Read this post before cut, to be sure what is your right sizes !

Step 2: Assemble the 4 Parts Like This

You need to assemble the 4 parts like in the picture. I write my own sizes, but your need to make yours !

In my first make, i used only wood glue to assemble, but you need to use screw !

It's important if you don't want to see your tool destroy in the Jointer/Planer !

Step 3: Add a Little Wood Part to Make the Angle

To make the 7° angle, I add a little wood part under my construction.

If you need an other angle, or if you have change my sizes, you need to calculate your own wood part sizes.

(You can add this part with Wood Glue, or with screws if you want to make a updating tool)

Step 4: It's Finish !

Now, your tool is ready !

You need to be really carrefull when you use it, and you need to fixe it in the Jointer with a clamp for each side.

Little trick : draw in you wood to see where the Jointer/Planer harnesses wood.

If you want to make your own plans, and share it for your Jointer/Planer, you can download the Sketchup files, and share it after your update.



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2 months ago

In jointer always need planer blades or Knives .The Woodfordtooling provides planer blades for jointer machine for Woodworking


10 months ago

Carefully locking a strip of timber on the deck of the planer or on a jointer can work as long as the strip does not move.

1 reply

10 months ago

Not sure I follow along with your adapter. Are you sure you are building this for a "Jointer" and not a Planter? IDK

3 replies

Reply 10 months ago

You are right. the real name it's not a Jointer but a Planer. Sorry.

** update **


Reply 10 months ago

Okay, that makes a lot more sense to me now. I honestly couldn't grasp what you were trying to do with a jointer and your adapter. However, your idea going through a planter would work very well and a good idea.