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Introduction: DIY Bike Hitch

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Ever want a redneck style to pull thing around? Well you have found it the DIY Bike Hitch! This is very simple and is super cheap but beware I don't know how safe it is.

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Step 1: Drill 3 Holes

You will need 2 holes to mount to your bike (i put the one in the wrong place that's why there is 4) and a 1 and 1/2" hole to connect to the trailer

Step 2: Cut Your CPVC or PVC

Cut your pipe like the picture so you can connect it to the trailer.

Step 3: Mount It

Mount it to your bike like the pictures, make sure the nut's are tight :)

Step 4: Your Ready

I use this for towing my drone, what will you use it for?

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    3 years ago

    "...beware I don't know how safe it is" Lol. Fair warning.