DIY: Bike Smartphone Holder



Introduction: DIY: Bike Smartphone Holder

At first, sory for my english, but this is not my born language ;-) ...and this is my first project here. If I do something wrong , let me know please in comments. OK and now we can focus to the project:

The idea is too simple. I want to make smartphone holder for my bike, because I try few different type and didn´t find any that would suit to me.

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Step 1: You Need to Buy Bicycle Bottle Cage Mount for Handlebar

What you need (to buy):
1. water bottle handlebar mount (price around only 2-4€) - I buy it in local bike store for 2.30€.

2. Rubber Bracelets or Silicone Bracelets - you need 2 pcs - I found few at my home (got them on gaming show/exhibition for free - at the pictures are red with HyperX logo)

3. small thin plate from wood, plexiglass or some plastics. Size circa as business card - this is for better stability. I found at home plastic board called "Trovicel or Komacel" - this is material for signmaking. It is 3mm plastic board whitch you can easily cut by knife.

4. screws - better with flat head (2 pcs to screw holder with plastic plate)

5. small piece of rubber, leather, fabric,.. as protect for smartphone backside

...and of course some small tools (knife + screwdriver)

Step 2: 1st Step

No instructions needed - You can see everything on pictures,,,

Step 3: Small Distance From Rubber for Protection

For protection of back side of the smartphone I used small distance from rubber. One circle I cut at 4 and one rubber circle I give to center.

Step 4: Stretch the Rubber/silicone Bracelets From Backside to Opposite Corner

...and its done! Thats is it!

Step 5: Final Product

It was easy, isn´t? You can use different size of smartphones, iPod touch, iPod classics/any MP3/MP4 player or any GPS navigation...etc. I used my phone with Runtastic Bike Pro application for the training (best biker app), Sygic application (one of the best GPS navigate application) and of course as a MP3 player on my trip. It is strong and stable. I try it on extreme hard road and phone set perfectly.

You can of course use only two silicone bracelets directly without watter bottle holder, but this is better for stability. My total investment is only few minutes of work and 2,30€!

Good luck and pls leave a comment!


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