DIY Birdhouse: Let Birds Beat the Heat This Summer




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In India, birds like sparrows have notable decrease in number. In summer the temperature exceeds over 48 degree Celsius at midday. We can't see any birds at that time. So I decided to make a birdhouse for birds. The Birdhouse is recycled and harmless to Birds. Small Birds like Sparrow can play on it and eat their food beating the heat. It is made up of Small Coke can.

NOTE: 1. The Birdhouse should not be kept in direct sunlight . Can will heat and it will be unsuitable for Birds.

2. Big Birds like pigeon can cause imbalance and can pour all your loaded food.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Can of any size

2. 2 Zip Ties

3. Rope

4. Cutter which can cut the can

5. Small piece of wood. You can get it from a carpenter.

6. Dish wash liquid

Step 2: Make an Entrance

Cut the mouth of can with the help of cutter.

The cut portion may harm Birds. So please make it safe by polishing its endpoints.

Now, wash the inner side of can with dish wash bar as the sugar remained inside the can can also attract insects.

Step 3: Hanging It

Now, with two zip ties make the T-shape as shown in Image 1. Then attach with can with piece of wood as shown in Image 2.

Step 4: Insert Rope

Insert the rope in Zip tie so that we can hang it.

Step 5: Hang It and Add Food

Hang it at place where it will be protected from sunlight and add bird food.

Step 6: Birdhouse Ready

Now your Birdhouse is ready.

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    1 year ago

    The jagged / sharp edges around the entrance could be deadly to a bird, or any other animal.

    You would need to trim the jagged edges away first to make as smooth as possible, then you either need to sand them smooth, or use a object such as a stick/tool handle to roll around the inside edge a few times. That will push any jagged remains flat and smooth them out.

    4 replies
    Patel Darshilbionicbenjy

    Reply 1 year ago

    I have ripped it and tested it and it is not sharp. I have also mentioned that point in instruct able. Thanks for commenting!!!!!

    MatlekPatel Darshil

    Reply 1 year ago

    You can use a can opener just like this to open the can. This way the cut is going to be much more smooth and clean! You can check this also!

    By the way, do the birds like your birdhouse? Did you see some using it?

    Patel DarshilMatlek

    Reply 1 year ago

    Hello, thanks for the comment. The birds like sparrow, bulbul comes there and eat the food. However do not rest there for long time. They just come to eat food....