DIY Blanket Cape/Hipster Snuggie





Introduction: DIY Blanket Cape/Hipster Snuggie

About: I am Meg Allan Cole, a DIY guru and lifestyle blogger who lives in Brooklyn, NY with my musician husband and rescue dogs. I have a YouTube channel where I show you how to make things for you + your home.

Cozy up in a blanket and call it clothes with this easy blanket cape anyone can make. Belt it or wrap it, and make it out of any knit blanket.



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    5 Discussions

    Very neat. My older daughter is growing like a weed atm and can't find a jacket she likes. I'll have to see if she wants to make one of these with me. It might even fit her for a few months/years if I'm lucky,
    I always called the blanket stitch a butcher stitch myself but that might be a regional thing. :)

    Nice idea.Makes me wish I was a woman or Clint Eastwood. Preferably Clint though.

    What a wonderful fun thing to do with my grandkids.