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About: Hey Guys, My name is Surajit Majumdar. I'm from India. now I'm 19 years old, studying at college. Making diy project its my hobby ,passion and I love making awesome diy project from scratch, I had started DI...

Presenting BBox! It's my handmade Bluetooth speaker with other key features. I made it from scratch and that's why it is so affordable. I spent less than $15 ( Approx Rs 1000/-) to built this speaker.I'm pretty assure that u can't afford to buy a good stereo Bluetooth speaker in this price point. So if u want a good Bluetooth speaker in low price point then do same as me, make your own BT speaker and enjoy it.

It's small but packs of full power punch. With the help of two full-ranged speakers and one passive radiator, BBox delivers a solid stereo sound and punchier bass. It has 3,600mAh Li-ion battery which keep the BBox to last 12 hours with continuous music playing.

I wanted to add Bluetooth 4.) but unfortunately most of parts are not available in India, So i'm not able to add some parts.

Specifications & Features:

  • Two Full-Ranged Speaker (4ohm-3w)
  • One 3w*2 High Efficiency Amplifier (Class-D)
  • Long Lasting 3,600mAh Li-ion Battery (12hrs playback)
  • Bluetooth Version 2.1 (upto 10m)
  • FM Functionality
  • USB And Aux Ready
  • Command Buttons
  • Tested dB: 90dB @2ft

Step 1: Parts & Materials

  • Bluetooth Module [$3.7]
  • Stereo Audio Kit USB, FM, AUX, CARD, MP3 Module + Remote [$2.23]
  • PAM 8403 Stereo Amplifier (2*3w-4ohm) [$1.49]
  • Speakers (3w-4ohm) [$1.49]
  • 18650 Li-ion Battery (3,600mAh) [$2.6]
  • Acrylic Board (4mm thick) [$2.38]
  • 470uF Electrolytic Capacitor [1*Local Store]
  • ON/OFF Switch [2*Recycled]
  • Passive Radiator [1*Recycled]
  • Li-ion Battery Charger Module [1*Recycled]

Similar Alternatives:

  • Bluetooth speaker (For teardown) [1*$5.97]
  • Li-ion Battery Charger Module [1*$1.79]

Tools & Equipment:

  • Rotary Tool (ex. Dremel )
  • Screw Drivers Set
  • Glue Gun
  • Baby Hacksaw
  • Soldering iron
  • Cutter
  • Sandpaper
  • Superglue
  • Masking Tape
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Adhesive Glue

Step 2: Take Measurement of Acrylic Board

Take measurement of Acrylic Board for front and rear panels of BBox. After measurement carefully mark all the lines with pencil or marker pen etc. But you can use highlighter pen for mark the edges because it's a lot easier to see when you are grinding and filling the edges.

Step 3: Sanding & Filing

You might need your rotary tool for sanding and grinding a large pieces of Acrylic. But I used sandpaper only for sanding and grinding cause I don't have any rotary tool. Be careful, don't cut to much Acrylic then you'll have to repeat the whole process.

Step 4: Cutting the Speaker's Holes

Guyz plz take a lot of patient! The most difficult part of this Instructable is cutting holes for speaker. Some of You are lucky cause you might have the rotary tool but I don't have any rotary tool. I used sandpaper and Hacksaw only to make holes for speaker. I can't explain you Guyz how hard to make holes using sandpaper and Hacksaw only. It takes lot of time, Guyz you don't need to be worry because i'm giving you a technique to cut perfect holes.(This technique I learnt from ASCAS so you should thankful to him)

  1. Use your Highlighter pen to trace out your speaker's edges.
  2. Attach your grinding tip for your rotary tool then cut the excess Acrylic.
  3. Get your sanding drum tip then sand off the remaining highlighted marks.
  4. Finally, fine the edges. This helps to spread the higher audio frequencies comes from the speakers.

Step 5: Mount Speakers & Radiator

Take your Glue Gun and apply enough amounts of glue on the Acrylic's surface to ensure that you have sealed the gaps. you have to keep BT speaker fully airtight unless you won't get punchier Bass. Apply some superglue around the surface to sealed the passive radiator and after that apply some Hot glue to make passive radiator completely airtight.

Step 6: Bending Acrylic for Side Panel

You've to melt Acrylic sheet before bending it. For better result marks the area with marker pen which area will need to melt.

Step 7: Attach the Front and Rear Panel

Attach the front and rear panels to the side panel by superglue.(Note: Before attach the Front panel make sure that u have soldered wire with speakers)

Step 8: Install Stereo Audio Kit, Amplifier and Bluetooth Module to the Upper Panel of BBox

At first you've cut the acrylic sheet for make space where the stereo kit'll be installed. After make space, mount the stereo kit with superglue and some small pieces of acrylic as picture shown. Then install Amplifier Board and Bluetooth Module to the back side of upper panel, I installed all the components at one place because if anything goes wrong then I can change any component so easily by opening the upper panel only. But you can put anywhere as you want.

Step 9: Wiring Diagram

Here's a simple wiring diagram

Step 10: Soldering

Carefully solder all the components, I used PCB board to make connection between all the components.(Note: Don't solder to much of Ground connection)

Step 11: Seal the Upper Panel

I used some small screw to seal the upper panel, why I did this because i'll change some parts of BBox for better performance. If you want, you can use superglue to sealed the upper panel completely airtight. At last you've to grind off those sharp edges by sandpaper. Don't stop until you achieve a flat surface. The superglue to bind the acrylic works as a filler. It helps to hide the gaps after sanding.

Step 12: Paint Job and Customize

Customize your BT speaker with colours, texture, graphics, stickers, laser cutting texts etc. Always try to give a attractive look to your BT speaker. I didn't paint my BBox yet :P, but soon i'll give a cool look after replace some parts.(Note: Before paint your BT speaker, Cover Speakers and other components by Masking Tape)



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    1 year ago

    You dont mention where you solder the 470uF Electrolytic Capacitor


    2 years ago

    I'm just curious as to why you need the bluetooth module as well as the stereo module? Because doesn't the stereo module have bluetooth in it already?

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    bro can you plz contact me .....I need some advice on this project ...and also don't you have a video of the project demo

    1 reply

    Plz contact me on gmail. Here is my gmail I'd I will publish video Demo soon :)


    2 years ago

    Voted For you, what did you use to make your schematic?

    1 reply
    Surajit Majumdardiyfuntech

    Reply 2 years ago

    thanks for voting me. I used windows painting app to make circuit schematic :)

    Surajit Majumdar

    2 years ago

    Plz vote me for first time author contest


    2 years ago

    It looks really nice :)