DIY Bluetooth Joypad

First of all, you need a bluno and a input shield Download the code ,add the Libraries as follow

and enter AT mode and input this two command:



If you want to learn how to configure your bluno ,you can follow the tutorial here:

Then,restart your bluno and plug in the shield and on the PC part.

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Step 1: Setup CSR Driver

I got it from the CSR 4.0 Installation CD and I use this Bluetooth dongle to connect with bluno for the same 4.0 standard.

Step 2: Open 'my Bluetooth Drivers' in "This PC"

Step 3: Add Devices ?All

Step 4: Power on Your Bluno and Connect With It

Step 5: Congratulation!

Your have done all the steps.Just configure the joypad and enjoy the game.

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