DIY Boards Buckle




Introduction: DIY Boards Buckle

Hi, in this tutorial I will show you how you build a belt buckle from an old board.

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Step 1:

Tools you need:

- Hot Glue Gun
- Hobby Knife
- Dremel Tool

Step 2:

Materials you need:

- a Bucke Belt
- a piece of Iron Rod
- a Screw with Nut
- a piece of Foam

Step 3:

Sets the board on the foam and cut around the outside.

Step 4:

Make a hole in the middle of the board with the Dremel Tool.

Step 5:

Puts the screw into the hole and fastened with the nut.

Step 6:

Forms a bow from the Iron Pipe and glue it on the Board.

Step 7:

Now glued the piece of foam on the back of the board.

Step 8:

That's it, we're done.
Here is the finished belt buckle.

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