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Introduction: DIY Book Safe Box

We always try to keep our stuff protected from thieves. There are many safes in the market but almost all of them are very expensive and it´s the first place where thieves will look. So a clever alternative solution would be buy a book safe, but why buy something that can be easily made at home with a bit of time and patience.

I´ve always wanted to make my own hidden book storage but the problem was that i don´t have any thick hardcover book so I came up with my own way of making one.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

- Cardboard 6” x 12” (I got mine from a box).

- Cardstock (to give the cover a better look).

- Glue.

- A pencil.

- A sharp knife.

- A brush for applying glue.

- A ruler.

- Something heavy like a weight. (Anything will do, as long as it holds things down while the glue dries)

And some patience..

Step 2: Making the Cover

First grab your ruler and and your sharp knife and decide how big you want the cover sections and how tall (spine) you want your book, I suggest you draw a guide line to see where you want to cut. (Photo 1)

Start cutting BUT don´t cut all the way just apply a little pressure to the knife until you are about half way through the cardboard so now you can bend it. (Photo 2 - 4)

Step 3: Attach to Card Stock

Cut a piece of card stock a bigger tan your cardboard. You should left a half inch strip of the card stock on all four sides.

Glue it to the cardboard try to do it one section at a time, put something heavy over it and leave it dry for a few minutes before you do the same with the next section.

Lift the top flap ,add a dot of glue and glue flap in place. Do this to all sides. Your assembled piece should look like the image in (photo 11).

Step 4: Making the "Pages"

Cut three pieces of white cardboard , these will be the “pages” of our book, glue pages to the base of the book and let it dry for a few minutes, it´s important to leave about half an inch on each side.

After the glue has hardened, apply more glue to reinforce everything I was going to use some small pieces of cardboard to reinforce the corners but didn't feel it was necessary . If you want a more finished appearance you can paint the interior or glue felt to the inside to cover up the glued edges.

Step 5: Making the Lock

So now you have most of the book done it´s time to make the lock. I decided to make a small lock mechanism with small pieces of cardboard this will the make the book close better or also you can use a couple of small magnets but this step is optional.

Step 6: Time to Decorate the Cover

You can decorate or draw whatever you want on the cover of your book (in my case I choose a Superman logo) or you can write a tittle and try to make it look more like a real book .

I made one to my Mom and she decided to glue some paper roses to decorate the cover of her book.

Step 7: Finished

It's finished! Now you have a book safe you can be proud to show your Friends and hide your "valuable stuff" in. It´s also a good gift for your friends or girlfriend.

I hope you enjoyed this, it´s my first instructable so please comment and if you decided to give it a try post a picture in the comments.

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