DIY Boombox

Introduction: DIY Boombox

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I used a cloth grill for it

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Step 1: Parts:-

1)pam 8403
4)aux cable(Please try to use cheap one because we have to cut it)
5) Cheap usb(we have to cut it)
6)mini 0.5 or 1w treble speaker
7)A 2.1Amp 5v power supply
(A portable charger or A wall outlet will do)
if u want to use this in car you need to BUY a 2.1amp car adapter

Step 2: Method:-

1) The picture I gave in this Step Describes Pam8403
2)Assemble all the wires an solder them to pam 8403
3)decide a case for your boombox
4)Assemble everything and give it a finishing touch

Step 3: Finished Boombox

I will Be providing a link of YouTube video on this instructables with its review
Thanks for Reading!
Hope You Enjoyed It!
(PS:- I am Giving away this awesome Boombox if anyone is interested to Teach me Arduino programing)
Contact Me For Any Questions:-(
YouTube Link:-

If You guys cannot Open the link Please Go to YouTube And Search DEVWATTS
you will see my channel where u can see the video

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