DIY Bow Tie --- With Lights!!



Introduction: DIY Bow Tie --- With Lights!!

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These are great for weddings, proms, special events, nights out, and any time you want to be the coolest person in the room!

Why wouldn't you want a light up bow tie?

Also, don't be shy girls, you can totally rock a light up bow tie too :)

Photo Credit: Wendy Mitchell from Wendy Mitchell Photography

Model Credit: DJ Spruke from

Light Up Bow Ties are now available in the Little Light Lab store.

Light Up Bow Tie Kits are also now available in group packs of 10 and 30 in the Wearables Workshop Store.

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Step 2: Insert the LEDs Into the Bow Tie

Feed the LED strand through the top of the knot in the center of the bowtie from right to left leaving 6 LEDs on the left side. Feed the remaining 6 LEDs through the bottom of the knot from left to right until all 6 of these LEDs are on the right side. Please see the image below for reference. Once this is complete, slide the LEDs and the wire strands to the inside of the bowtie so they are hidden.

Step 3: Adjust the LED Placement

Adjust the LEDs so that the first and seventh LEDs in the strand are placed inside the knot of the bowtie. LEDs 2 through 6 should be placed on the left side and LEDs 8-12 should be placed on the right side.

Step 4: Wire Management

Twist the excess wire between each of the five LEDs on both the left and right side and tuck them into the inside of the bowtie.

Step 5: Attach the LEDs

Use a needle and black thread to hand sew the LEDs to the edge of the bow tie.

Step 6: Finish the Edges

Hand sew the front and the back of the bow tie together along it’s entire length. Make sure to only stitch from the inside to ensure your stitches aren't visible.

Step 7: Check Your Work

If sewn carefully the bow tie should have a clean finished edge with no visible wires. The only wire you should see is the wire coming from the back side of the middle of the knot to the battery pack.

Step 8: Battery Pack Management

There are a few options in regards to how you want to handle the battery pack. It can be left as is and tucked into the wearer’s jacket pocket or you can glue a clip or safety pin to the back of it so it can be attached to another part of the garment.

Step 9: Wear It!

Light up bow ties are great for weddings, special events, proms, DJs, music festivals and nights out. Enjoy!


I will probably not be selling kits for this project. That may change if enough people express interest in them.

If you think these are super cool and want to buy a finished one, they will be available in the Little Light Lab store soon. If you would like one before they are available you can always message me for a custom order.


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