DIY Bowie Knife




Introduction: DIY Bowie Knife

A lot of time I saw on instructables many good finished well done knives so I attempt to make my own Bowie knife making all step to obtain a good knife hope I do it.

Step 1: Step 1

choice the right reclaimed iron and tracing the knife

Step 2: Forging

on a charcoal forge with manual air addition

Step 3: Hardening

Hardening in mineral oil then make some decoration on the blade

Step 4: Making the Hand Held

must use a good quality hard wood and a good epoxy resin

Step 5: Finishing

A lot of time with fine sanding paper polish and wax

Hope I made a good Bowie Knife

Step 6: Leather Sheath

The Bowie knife need it

Step 7:



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    where did the metal chosen come from?