DIY Brick Stitch Bunting Necklace ¦ the Corner of Craft




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Intro: DIY Brick Stitch Bunting Necklace ¦ the Corner of Craft

This was the first thing I ever made when I learnt to brick stitch. It's ideal for beginners because you only need to learn how to decrease, which is super easy! Be sure the check out the video in the next step if you're not sure how to do brick stitch as everything is explained in that video in far more detail.

All you need is:

Size 11 delica beads/seed beads

Size 10 beading needle

Beading thread (I used Nymo)

4mm Jump Rings



Step 1: Brick Stitch Basics

This video will explain everything you need to learn with brick stitch, from how to start, the best beads and thread to use, increasing, decreasing to finishing off your work! It's an absolute must-see before starting a brick stitch project for the first time.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Brick stitching looks pretty easy. I'll have to try this some time. Thanks so much for sharing!