DIY Buck Converter

Introduction: DIY Buck Converter

In this Instructables, I will show you How to step down DC voltage efficiently.

for supplying power to Arduio or any other components required 5v or 3.3v.

If you use LM7805 it having poor efficiency about 30%.It also heat up.

If you use LM2576HV-ADJ it having decent efficiency up to 80%.It can also give adjustable voltage between 3-60 v by adjusting POT.

for getting clear idea MUST WATCH VIDEO GUIDANCE.

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Step 1: Parts List


1x1000μF Capacitor:

1x100μF Capacitor:

1xPOT 10KΩ

1x100μH Inductor

1xMBR 360 or 1N5822 Schottky Diode:

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Follow this circuit.

Step 3: Testing & Assembling

First test the circuit on Breadboard.

then mount all components on plane PCB & solder it.

make a fix solder paths for +Ve & -Ve inputs.

thank you for watching.



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    4 Discussions

    Hello, can we replace the pot for a rotary potentiometer? If yes, then how do we connect it to the circuit?

    good one. effective and necessary!!

    Hi, it's a nice project! Congrats!

    Do you have idea about how many amps it provides?

    1 reply