DIY Bucket Outdoor Waterproof Protection for Projector

Introduction: DIY Bucket Outdoor Waterproof Protection for Projector

About: Hi there my name is Alan Hatch I am a DIYer, an artist and love making decorations for my yard for the holidays, My instructables site allows me to show you how to do it in the hopes that you will explore yo...

One of the most creative ways to decorate your house for any holiday or special event is to use video mapping to use your projector to project images or video onto your house. I recently got into this whole idea this past year. I used it for Halloween in which I had singing pumpkins in the front yard while scary videos were playing at the same time across the wall of the house. For thanksgiving I did the same thing and using the software from JIBJAB I was able to put pictures of family members singing songs and having fun across the entire front of the home. For Christmas I used frozen to transform my home to a wonderland for kids of all ages and even had Santa stop by a time or two. The video above shows my Veterans Day Tribute. I plan on doing more holidays and special events as they come up.

One of the things I knew had to be done was to protect the projector, from wind, from rain and since I was using it in the winter from snow. It was no easy task. I had to have the projector protected but because it puts off a lot of heat I also had to have it so airflow was not a concern.

This project only required a few on hand materials and a few screws to complete.

To see my instructable about video mapping your house using VPT7 Click Here or visit my website

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Step 1: Materials

  1. a storage type dog food bucket with a removable top
  2. 1" wood screws
  3. An extra standing wooden serving tray that I had lying around the house.
  4. A glass or plastic panel to keep out the elements of nature

Step 2: Assembly

  1. Remove the top of the plastic tub or bucket that you will be using
  2. using your wooden serving tray attach the bucket to the top of the tray leaving about a 4 inch gap in the back for air flow using 1" wood screws
  3. put it where you will need to run your projector make sure it's level
  4. Place the projector inside and install the plastic or glass panel on the inside of the bucket
  5. you can run the cords needed for your projector through the gap in the back.
  6. project your favorite videos or holiday images onto your house
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