DIY Build Mini USB Plug & Play Speakers (With Mic Option)



Introduction: DIY Build Mini USB Plug & Play Speakers (With Mic Option)

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Hello guys.!

I wanted to show you a simplest method that i've been using for the portable speaker. This method is really very unique because "there isn't any tutorial on these kind of speakers topics". Few reasons:

  • Did you ever face any soundcard issue with your PC or Laptop?
  • Your laptop doesn't support soundcard or its soundcard is out of order?
  • Or may be you want to build a portable pocket size audio interface?

Step 1: The USB Audio Codec Interface Part

Here is the simplest diagram of building a USB soundcard. It is 16bit 48KHz usb Stereo Audio codec chip named PCM2902 they're available online.

Buttons are optional you can add if you want to add. All you have to do is to put it together with the amplifier circuit.

Step 2: USB Pinout

In order to connect USB jack you can follow these pinout diagrams for different, whatever you want to use that depends on your unique design.

In case if you don't want to build this you can then use ready made soundcards USB 2.0 that are available everywhere under $1 (USD).

Step 3: Amplifier Part & Required Files

I designed this amplifier circuit of LM386 chip in 2013 which provides the most clean sound. And i explained it on one of my instructable post.

You can also read about it in great details at my BLOG POST.

I tagged here my YouTube tutorial which is a 15min video contains all of the moments of building this portable USB 2.0 plug & play speaker.

Download the project file which has the required data you're gonna be needing in order to start this project.

Please don't forget to share your project here in the comments section. I'd love to see your unique ideas.

Also i';m here to answer any question so feel free to ask me any question or for a help in your projects ;)

Stay Blessed.! See ya in next project.

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