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Introduction: DIY Bullet Bracelet

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I this tutorial I'll show you how I made this awesome Bullet Shell Bracelet.

Check out the video first.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Step 2: Cutting the Wire.

I got this copper cable as it is from a hardware store. I'm using it as the base for my bracelet. This cable is combined of 7 bare copper wires of 6ga each.

7 inches of this cable is a perfect length to make a bracelet that will fit any wrist.

Step 3: Shaping

Next I used a small anvil, hammer and pliers to bend this cable in a C shape. You can use any wooden stick to bend it around.

Step 4: Soldering

To make sure that all the wires will stay in place I've decided to solder the ends of the cable.

Flux, solder and a blow torch are required to it.

Step 5: Wrapping

I wrapped my bracelet with an outer shell of a 10mm climbing rope. Then I secured the ends of the rope with a string and melted them with a lighter.

Step 6: The Final Touch

40 caliber bullet shells where used as end caps for my bracelet. Hot glue is flexible and has the best grip for this rope material.

Step 7: Enjoy Your New Awesome Bracelet!

I'm wearing my bracelet every day. It has a solid core and feels very nice and sturdy.

Step 8: Check Out My Youtube Channel!

Check out my Youtube channel for more cool projects like this!

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    I think a wire mesh would be cool over the cable.

    I love the idea. I envision it with the metal mesh (like the flex plumbing pipes) so that it would be easier to keep clean. In DIY'ing, one thing always leads to another!


    1 year ago

    Very pro looking bracelet :)

    Hot gluing while holding the work piece in hand looks scary!

    Maybe its just me, since I am clumsy with such things and had my share of glue burns :|

    Very nice!!

    Stunning work!

    Sooooo Cool!!!!!!!!
    I love it. Projectiles or no projectile!