DIY Bunny Ears

Introduction: DIY Bunny Ears

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My husband and I are working on an Instructable for the Pranks contest. It's semi-Easter themed and it occurred to me that Cas had to be part of it and in order to do so, he also needed bunny ears. So I whipped up homemade bunny ears that took less than 15 minutes to make.

You could easily modify this to fit any pet.

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Step 1: Materials

-White felt (or fur fabric)

-Pink paint (or marker)

-Paper clip or pipe cleaner

-Hot glue & gun

Step 2: The Ears...

On the felt I used a marker to trace out the ears and then I cut them out, cutting off the marker spots as well. I made the bottoms a little longer for attaching to the head piece. After both ears were cut, I painted the inside of the ears pink and let them dry (which was fast). You could also use a Sharpie, I would have if I'd had the right color with me.

While the ears dried I took a paper clip and straightened it out.

Step 3: The Headband...

I wrapped the paperclip in a piece of felt and use a basting stitch to keep the sides together so I could hot glue everything in place. After I glued the seam I pulled the thread out.

The biggest reason I covered the paperclip in felt was to protect Cas from getting poked in the face. If I had pipe cleaners on hand (which I can't believe we don't) I would have used those and done something to the edges to make them a little safer. Pipe cleaners would likely be easier than a paperclip as they wouldn't need to be covered in felt and so this whole step could basically be skipped.

Step 4: Attaching the Ears

Last I put the ears together by folding the bottom of them around the headband and hot gluing in place. Then I folded one ear to give it that bent bunny ear look. I'm thinking paperclipping it when not in use will keep the bent look.

Step 5: Test Them Out

Now Cas is reading for his close-up!

He's such a good sport.

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    They would look adorable! I'm slowly making more for our cats :-D