DIY Bustier Made From Old Blue Jeans




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Hey guys!! I made a bustier from old jeans! I am so excited to share this project because it was so fun to make. So, whatever you do don't throw out those old jeans so fast, upcycle them! Reuse them and make something cool. I made this bustier by utilizing my dress from, a strapless bra and draping.

Whay you will need:

What you'll need:
A pair of blue jeans

Strapless bra

Separating zipper

Chalk Scissors

Pins Sewing Machine

Overlock Machine (optional)


Draping Tape

Glue gun

Dress form



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Step 1: Designing on the Dress Form

I first designed the bustier on my dress form with draping tape.

Step 2: Making the Pattern Pieces

I then used muslin to make the pattern pieces from the draping tape design. I made each pattern piece separately using a small piece of muslin. Work each section one by one.

Step 3: Adding Seam Allowance to Each Pattern Piece

After I make all the pattern pieces and cut them out, I add seam allowance to each pattern piece. Each pattern piece has a 1/2 inch seam allowance added. I use rulers and a seam gauge.

Step 4: Put All the Pattern Pieces Together on the Dress Form

Pin all the pattern pieces together and put it back the dress form. See if the fit is good and if not make your adjustments to the pattern pieces.

Step 5: Time to Cut

Grab a pair of old jeans and cut them all the way up the inner seam to the crotch. You need to cut two of each pattern piece. However, one at a time. Put the pattern piece face up and for the second cut place the pattern piece face down. You need a left side and a right side.

Step 6: Sew All the Pattern Pieces Together

Sew all the matching pieces together. I added notches to let me know where each pattern piece belongs.

Step 7: Add Separating Zipper

I added a separating zipper.

Step 8: Shortening the Separating Zipper

I needed to shorten the zipper because it was too long.

Steps: I marked it and cut removed

half inch of coils

used a glue gun for a stopper

Step 9: Overlock Raw Edges

Overlock all the raw edges to give your project a neat finish.

All done!!

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    3 years ago

    Great job breathing beautiful new life into that denim! Looks awesome on you.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Super pretty! I like denim tops, and that shade of blue looks great with your skin tone.

    1 reply