DIY Butterfly Light Decoration




Butterfly decoration with LED string lights

Step 1: Preparation of the Materials

What we need for this DIY is a wood board, some lights and something to shine. I used a board of pine I had left from a previous project, a small string of Christmas lights and a couple of MDF butterflies I bought from the art supplies shop. The tools I worked with - drill, orbital sander, screws, hot glue gun and screwdriver . Also acrilic pearl paint.

Step 2: Preparing the Wood Stand

First sand the board with the orbital sander to remove old paint starting with 60 grit moving up to 180 for smooth finish. I used a router to make room in the board for where the lights will go in but you can just cut it if you don't have a router. Than I drilled the holes for where the butterflies will stand. After that it's time to paint. I used acrylic pearl paint - two coats of white and one coat of aluminium.

Step 3: Pretty Butterflies

The butterflies I bought were already painted in light pink but needed some pimping. I cutted to size some pvc furniture foil for the inside. Drilled holes for the lights to come in and tested if everything works.It took some time to arrange all the lights and figure out how to fix the lights to the board. I tried using staples but it was too risky for the wires so I ended up gluing them with the hot glue. It turned out great.

Step 4: Admire Finished Product

All that's left to do is assemble everything together and figure out where to place it. I have a huge renovation coming up so I didn't want to mount it on the wall at this time but in the future I'll bye a couple of brackets and mount it on the wall in the girls room. For now it will stay on the shelf :)



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