DIY CCTV Tester ( Rechargable Li-Ion)




Introduction: DIY CCTV Tester ( Rechargable Li-Ion)

This is very simple tester to test ,troubleshoot and fast installation CCTV for under $20.

Step 1: Material

Let"s collect all material for this project....

Step 2: Material

Here is list of material.

  1. Car camera LCD I used 4.3" ( $12).
  2. BNC male connector ($.99).
  3. BNC female connector ($.99).
  4. 3.7V Cellphone battery ($.99).
  5. Step-up DC-DC converter ($.99).
  6. Li-Ion Battery charger 5v 1A Micro-USB ($1.99).
  7. Phone jack wall mount Box ( Old stock)
  8. Female Power Connector ($.99).
  9. Male Power Connector ($.99).
  10. On-Off Switch ($.99)

Step 3: Color and Connector Hole

1st colored black phone box to match color of LCD case. Made hole for BNC connector and male power connector on one side of box and switch and female power connector on bottom side .

2x micro usb holes for li-ion charger and step-up converter.

1 Small hole for step-up converter voltage adjustment and 2 for charger LED status.

Glue with super glue or epoxy.

Step 4: Circuit

Connect all -ve (Ground) of dc-dc converter, Li-ion battery charger, LCD, Battery, all power and BNC connectors.

Not enough space in box to fit battery in so I taped it to back of LCD ( Have to move LCD controller circuit to side)

Connect all +ve (Power) of dc-dc converter input and Li-ion battery charger output to one leg of switch and other end to +ve of Battery.

Connect +ve output from dc-dc converter to LCD and Both power connector.

Connect Both BNC inner core to LCD Video input .

Make grove for Phone box on back of LCD case so phone box can fit in back of LCD.

Glue Phone box in back of LCD case....

Final step is to set voltage of dc-dc converter ( I set it to 9v so can use as 9v battery source in other tester)

Step 5: Final Step

Put back of LCD case and charge tester ( Switch must be on to connect battery to charge, Any 5v phone charger will work)

Wait till red light of Li-Ion charger turns green.

Now disconnect charger and ready to test.....

just connect camera BNC and power cable and check image ...

Switch saves battery for discharge for very long time..

Check Video on youtube>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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