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Hallo everyone!!! In this Instructables i will show you how to make LED TORCH for cheap and it's easy to make!!. This Led torch is super bright if you use this in the dark place and the special of this homemade torch is this torch can illuminate more than 10 meters!!!


Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • 20 Pcs LED
  • 15 ohm resistor
  • Old male Usb
  • Cables / Jumper wire
  • Breadboard
  • A Empty can


  • Scissors
  • Can opener

Step 2: First

Take the LED and insert it to the breadboard and the polarity of the LED must same like image 2, because we need to make a parallel circuit.

Step 3: The Schematic

After that, Take the cables/jumper wires and connect it like the schema image. Connect all of the led like image 5 and test it. If the LED is not turn on, double check your circuits maybe the led is in wrong side or the led is broken.

Step 4: Finishing the Circuits

After you finish the upper parts, now you need to make the same circuits on the bottom parts. And test it! (i use old 9v battery for test this, so the led not bright).

Add 15 ohm resistor to the positive input and connect all input cables to the Male usb and test it like image 4 and 5

Step 5: Make the Case

  • Take the empty can and make a hole on the bottom using can opener.
  • Cut ± 4cm like image 2
  • For make the lid, i use a cardboard like image 3
  • Next, glue the breadboard to the cardboard
  • Next, i'm add a small switch to make easier to turn it on, and connect the usb like image 5
  • After that, paste the can to the cardboard and glue it.
  • FINISH!!

Step 6: Thanks for Look My Works

Now, your Usb led torch is Ready To Use!!

Just connect it to usb power output like powerbank, laptop, or anything.

Thanks for look my works!

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Thank you all!!



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