DIY CNC - Making Gears With Free Software

Introduction: DIY CNC - Making Gears With Free Software

This was just a quick project to show how to use free software to make gears on a home built CNC. The video shows the process.

(1) A gear is designed in Inkscape

(2) The design is saved as an SVG file in Inkscape

(3) Go to

(4) Ope the saved SVG file

(5) Convert the image to g-code after setting parameters

(6) Open the g-code in Mach3 and have the CNC cut the shape.

It's a fun project to tinker with.

Video Link:

Thanks for taking a look.



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    7 Discussions

    Seems to be some talk of "involute gears".

    This addon for Blender EXPLICITLY creates "involute gears" (just
    tested on the latest version of Blender as of this writing: 2.76b.
    Working. It's NOT the default addon.

    More info here:

    and here:

    Download here:

    Youtube - Default (built-in) Add Gear option (may be all you need):

    I'm always seeing what can be done with open source and free software and the gear function in Inkscape is just a cool little feature. I have Matthias' gear program it rocks - I've made a lot of different types of gears with it from planetary arrangements to rack and pinion designs.

    That's no involute gear! Anyone can make something that looks like a gear, but real gears use involute gear teeth.

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    Agreed, plus it's far more work than just using free programs that are made for making gears, I.E. Matthias Wandel's gear generator program