Hopefully this NEMA 17 mount helps your diy projects.

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    I'm right in the middle of this project, however the software directions are not showing up on my computer. Has this been pulled off for some reason?

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    Don't try and take the high road. You took your instructions down because you're trying to monetize the process through your kickstarter project. Which is ironic, considering it's open source software that you were doing an instructable for.

    Apparently you only support being "open" when it's other peoples work. Classy.

    I understand. Anyway you can let me know where I can find those software steps. I just finished my soldering last night,and the z axis is at last complete.

    i dont think id want software where they spelled compatible wrong. lol

    I'm still new to the Arduino scene, so excuse me for what may be a stupid question. I'm curious to know though, once you have the Grbl sketch uploaded, do you use the same FTDI cable or breakout board to communicate to the Grbl sketch from the PC in order to parse the Gcode information? I'm just really confused about what's happening here.


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    A FTDI cable and breakout board wasn't used, just a regular (Type A to B) USB from the PC to Arduino. You use the Uploader to get the GRBL .hex file into your Arduino. Then to get the gcode to your Arduino, use gcode sender and upload your gcode file.If you have anymore ?'s, I'd be happy to help.

    2D Phlatboyz only has basic tool path. I'm looking in to CamBam CNC and others for my 3D projects.

    Hi All :)

    I 'm trying to get the uploader to work, but it tells me that "not sync" and just says error.

    Do i need to build a bootloader cable ? or what do i do wrong :)

    I have
    Arduino Duemilanove 328p
    USB cable

    kind regards

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    I can recreate the error when I don't select the right COM port or when I don't delete the -b19200. Have you done those things?

    yes :)

    I have work with Arduino i a bit, and can load LED flash in to it, so i must have the right COM, and i have removet -b 19000. but stille the same problem :)

    any ideer ? :)

    thx for the quick respons.