DIY CO2 Canister Nunchuks

Introduction: DIY CO2 Canister Nunchuks

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This is my first posted 'ible, so please be nice in the comments. X)

My friend had had an idea for quite a while now to make a pair of nunchuks, out of spent 88g CO2 canisters. He didnt really have much of an idea how to make a pair, and neither did I really, but with some design assistance from the big man (My dad) we got a reasonably good result! To give you an idea of the strength, right after we got done, we ended up breaking a 2x4 on accident.

So, without further ado, let's begin!

Step 1: What You Need

This is a relatively simple little project, but it does take some time to complete.

You'll need:

2x 88g CO2 cartridges (previously used)

Drill Press

A small metal cutting drill bit, we used 1/16th inch.

A larger metal cutting drill bit, this should be big enough to get a jump ring through, but not big enough that you cut off the top of the canister. We used 1/4th inch, but check to see this is the right size you need.

Two medium sized jump rings, the toughest you can find. They need to be big enough to move freely all around the tip of the canister when in the hole.

Small length of chain. The size depends on how far apart you want the canisters, but too long and it won't work at all. We ended up using about a 10 inch section of chain. (NOTE: this will be halved when you close it, so make sure your measurements are correct)

Two sturdy pliers, square nose is preferred.

BA asian friend. (yes, this does make me the weird white kid next to him ;) )

Step 2: Drill Holes!

First things first is to drill holes in the CO2 canisters for the jump rings.

Start by clamping the canisters one at a time very tightly into your drill press. Then drill a small pilot hole with the smaller bit. This makes the next part much easier.

NOTE: WEAR EAR PROTECTION! This thing gets really loud when its drilling, if you dont wear it, you wont have ears for several hours.

After drilling the small holes, let the canisters cool down. Then clamp them back in, drill the big hole, and you're almost done!

Step 3: Chainssssssssssssssss... (boom) #creeper Joke

In this step, you'll be finishing the project! Almost...

Spin the jump rings into the holes. This completes the first half of this step.

open one of the end links of the chain, and thread the chain through the jump rings. Close the chain link, making a loop with the jump rings locked inside. See picture for better view.

Note: the jump rings are not locked into any particular chain link, the chain goes through the middle of the jump ring.

Step 4: Get a Seal of Approval From a BA Asian Friend.

Get a seal of approval from a BA asian friend.


Yes, this step is completely neccessary.

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    What is a BA asian friend?
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