DIY Cage From Camera Accessories


Introduction: DIY Cage From Camera Accessories

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In this video I am showing you how to build a cage plus why its would be useful to own one. The base cost around $35 however you can add allot of additional parts to it like a top handle or quick release, but the main purpose it so you can add allot of extra accessories to you camera plus give it a beefed up hold to able to hold the camera bit more stable and the added bonus, if you ever drop your camera, it be protected only if it falls on the cage.

Parts list:
2x $10 Dual Camera bracket -
2x $6 Sponge Camera grip -
2x $1-2 Hot shoe adapter -

$10 Manfrotto 323 quick release -
$4 Ballhead for top handle -
$1 1/4" Bracket screw -

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    Thanks m8, think was caused by the template have now revert back to one of the standard templates hope it gotten rid of the virus. Not sure why it does not pop up on my browsers but have someone else saying about it too.

    All my parts are ordered and I cant wait to throw it together. To bad its going to take about a month for everything to come in from China.

    I know I am now in Europe and it takes atleast 2 to 3 weeks before something arrives, but able to savemore money its not that much of a problem.