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Introduction: DIY Camera Gimbal

I recently build a Camera gimbal, tt's simple, effective, and really helps to get rid of most of the shakes and vibrations from the video.

In this instructable, I will briefly explain how I built my own DIY brushless camera gimbal, if you are still in doubt please refer to more detail and pictures on my blog post.

Check out this demo video:

The camera gimbal is very cheap to build:

  • Frame material (plywood, screws, nuts, angle blankets etc) - <$10
  • Gimbal Motor x 2 - $23
  • Gimbal Controller - as low as $20
  • Total $53

I used a slightly more expensive one in my project, but you can definately get some cheap ones for as low as $20.

And it's very light too, only 160gram net weight, perfect for traveling. I also plan to mount this on my helicopter and quadcopter.

Check out this video I filmed using this camera gimbal and my gopro.

So here is How I made it.

Step 1: Design and Plan

Planning the setup on paper, with measurements.

Step 2: Buy Components and Parts, Assembling

Assembling is not difficult, once you designed your gimbal accurate enough. I could have used nylon screws and nuts, which are much lighter. 50% of the weight of this gimbal probably comes from the metal parts.

Step 3: Questions and Idea?

You can leave your commend on my instructable, but I don't come here everyday, so if you want a prompt reply, leave a comment on my blog instead. Have fun!



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    14 Discussions

    could you please send me a list of all materials with link for buy you used in your video?

    Can a gimbal having a handling capacity of 4kg can handle a camera weighing 2kg??

    I'm looking for a GoPro gimbal that is cheap and easy to use with a bike. Any recommendation? I have tried the DJI (too complicated, complex calibrations required all the time) and did not like. Has anyone ever tested something that works? And anyone ever heard of this

    can you use any brush less motors? or do they have to be set up for gimbals?


    4 years ago

    What is the purpose for the roll of tape underneath the camera?

    2 replies

    well, it depends on the Gimbal controller board you have. the one I used was a 11V 900mah battery.

    What do you estimate the battery life to be with the one you use? 1-2 hours?