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Hiiii I am back with a easy and interesting project camera microscope with this you can observe many objects on your computer or laptop screen i have made this because of my curiosity toward science projects.In market you can also find these microscope but they are little bit costly so try this cheap project made with easily available items & observe leaves,flowers,etc under this camera microscope.So lets began....................
If you do not have a web cam buy from here Intex Webcam 30mp or Quantum Webcam or Frontech Webcam


Step 1: Material You Will Need

1. Wooden base

2. Old DVD drive laser assembly

3. Screw 1-1.5 inch-Qty-4

4. 9v battery

5. battery connector

6. Simple webcam

7. 4-5 plastic pipe 0.5-0.8 inch

8. Slide base can be find from old cpu motherboard

9. LED-White and wire

10. Double Sided Adhesive Tape

11.Clear Plastic Sheet

That's all you will need to start you can add anything if you want to make it more better.But these are the basic material.

Step 2: Start With Base

Take the wooden base and drill 3 holes at is short side for attaching the laser assembly after that take the laser assembly and screw it after that dril 5 holes on its above surface center one for led and the four for attaching slide base for led drill 5mm hole and for screw you can follow the diameter your screw.Now take the LED and fit it in the center hole from bottom and add some glue to it solder wire to the LED terminals check the led and cover the terminals and now you have to take the slide base and screw it on the wooden base.

Step 3: Adding the Plastic Sheet

when you complete the above step then use DS adhesive tape to stick the plastic sheet on the slide base after sticking the sheet remove extra sheet and tape on the back of laser assembly the large gear can be use for adjusting height of camera very accurately.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Take the battery connector and connect it with LED wire.Now at last fit the camera on the laser assembly and try to rotate the camera if it working fine so it's time to observe something take a plant leaf,onion peal etc and place it on plastic sheet and use paper clip to hold its position an another good way is to go to the market and bu some slides now after placing object connect the camera to pc or laptop and use the gear to adjust the important thing adjust or rotate your knob for good zoom.

Step 5: Some Observations

I have observed some items like onion peal,very thin wire,stone,green ink on paper,cloth,and printed try this amazing DIY project.



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    2 years ago

    How good does the webcam have to be? I have this pretty old webcam back from around 2000-2003 that still works but the image quality isn't high quality.

    1 reply
    surmit chauhanarronsparrow

    Reply 2 years ago

    The image quality depends upon the camera specification like your camera is of how much megapixels or you can chose HD webcam that will be much better and use eye loupe on the camera lens for good magnification.



    It would burn out the LED almost immediately.

    When powering LEDs you need to limit the current going through them. This is most often done using current limiting resistors.

    In the case of a white LED (forward voltage 3.2V), 20mA you would need about 300 ohms.

    This can be calculated by (9 - 3.2) / 0.020 = 290

    (As always V = I * R, so V / I = R)


    2 years ago

    Great, but reverse objective lens! ;)


    2 years ago

    Great idea, wish you gave more detail on the camera vs. magnification capabilities. Can't really tell from your images. For me that means I'm not quite sure it's worth making..

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    If you read my comment, attaching an eye loupe would greatly increase the magnification. With this addition, this would be a great project!


    2 years ago

    If you were to buy an eye loupe and attach it in front of the camera lens, you can get some REALLY close-up images.

    I've done this with my cell phone camera, and I was amazed at how much it magnified the images.
    Never thought of using a web cam, though. And I like that you can view the images on your computer screen. Great idea!
    I might have to build this one with my little mod added.