DIY Camera Stabilizer Using Old Monopod




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I like make a video. But i have a problem because my video is not good. The video is shaking, it makes me dizzy. I got a best tools for videography on internet. The name is CAMERA STABILIZER. But the price is super high for me. So i search a steps to make Camera Stabilizer by myself. And i get 1 article from Youtube, This is the link. But i like to make my modification steps.

Let's make it!

Step 1: Find the Materials

  • 2 monopods (I have 1 monopods, but i need 2 of them. I found the monopods in my friends house and he will throw the monopods. So i ask to him to give the monopods to me. :) )
  • Holder for the camera (if you use action cam)

Note: The monopods should have a screw hole on the bottom.

Step 2: The Monopods

This is a simple steps. You just need to turn the screw Anti-Clockwise for make the holder loose. Don't To loose !

Step 3: Unite the 2 Monopods

After you make 1 monopods loose, now screw the loose monopods to the bottoms of another monopods.

Next, install your camera on the top monopods.

Step 4: For More Details and Testing, Watch the Video

To view how it works, you can watch this Video.

Thanks for look my works!. I hope this tools is works for you!

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    2 years ago

    Great idea I have 2 and could be just the solution to my needs and budgets. Great work

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for look my works. I hope this tutorials works perfectly for you.