DIY Can? Lamp?

Create your own Lamp out of cans.

Lets build it!

Step 1: Prepare Materials/ Gather Them

You will need:

A pice of wood with the dimentions 80 cm long and 7 cm wide and 1 cm thick

4 Cans big enough for a lightbulb best out of medel but can be from any brand

4 light sockets

2 Meters of rope

(Drill, tape, screws, screwdriver)

Step 2: Eat All the Content From the Cans




Step 3: Connect the Cans With the Lamp Holders

It is easy to make the whole with taking a screwdriver and making little hole which you can for to a circle to make the big hole to get the sockets inside the cans.

Step 4: Connect the Lamp Shades From the Cans to the Wood

You feed the wire through the hole in the wood and then have the socket lifted up to the right height which you want it two. But u have to think that there will also be space between the wood and the ceiling which can also be adjusted.

Step 5: Connect the Rope to the Wood

You can choose if you want to make a layer around the side of the wood if it looks better in your opinion. You can choose different colored to make it a bit more colorful or just an easy color to make it more elegant.

I used hot glue to make the rope go around it 2 times so that there is enough space for wires.

Step 6: Choose the Length of the Wires Going Down From the Wood

You can choose how long the wires hvae to go down to the can but each wire should be about 5-10 cm longer because you have to put them together and and also with the sockets so you have to think ahead.

Step 7: ​Adjust the Length of the Different Lamps So That It Looks Good in Your Opinion

Once you have all of the lamps to the correct high you can use hot glue to make them stuck. But make sure not to glue too much wire that you can not connect it to the others later.

Step 8: Connect the 4 Wires Together Into One for the Top

In each of the different wires there are different color wires. Each wire has different color for energy going inside and out. You just have to contact the …… colored wire with the …… colored wire and put some plastic tape around it. Continue doing that with the rest of the wires.

Step 9: Connect the Lamp to the Your Ceiling

Choose a kind of rope or string so that you can connect it to the ceiling. You can also use fishing line so that you can't see it but i used white rope. You can choose to drill a hole or you can feed it to the main power whole.

Step 10: Connect the Power Line to the Power Line of the Light

Once you have hung up your lamp you can connect the the two lights but make sure that the power is of so that you don't get shocked. If you wanna have extra safety then you can turn the safequard of so that there will not be any electricity.

Step 11: Turn It On

If you followed all of the steps correctly then your final light should be able to work. If you have any other questions please just leave a comment and I will try and reply as soon as possible.



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    2 years ago

    Nice lamp looks good! hope you create more Intructables


    2 years ago

    I love this idea! It's really amazing and easy to do. Even I would be able to do it... maybe xD Good job!

    1 reply