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Introduction: DIY Can Light

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Here's a fun little DIY project that turns out very nice. This is also a very cheap project to do since it consists of household items. Read on to find out how to make this really neat lighting fixture!

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Step 1: Materials


-Soup Can

-Lid to fit the can


-Drill bit (I found a 13/64 in. bit to work great)


-Big Phillip head screwdriver


-String lights

-Spray Paint

I may have included some items that may not be needed, their purpose is to make the can light look more clean and neat.

Step 2: Clean the Can

Remove the label and clean the can so that there is no left over contents within the can. Also remove the glue that held the label on. I used De-Solv-it and it worked like a charm.

Step 3: Drilling Holes

You can use a marker to determine where to drill the holes but I just drilled in random spots. It doesn't really matter where you drill, just as long as it isn't overkill. After drilling there may be some metal stuck around the holes of the can so just use pliers to pick those off. I also used a Phillips head screwdriver (the biggest size) to push the holes back into the can because pulling the drill bit out caused some holes to be raised and edgy.

Step 4: Paint the Can

Pretty self-explanatory... You can paint the can with spraypaint or paint on designs or anything really. Heck, you can even leave the can bare if you'd like! This is where you can be creative!

Step 5: Some Assembly Required

After the paint has dried, put the string lights into the can and close the can with a lid (I used a Pringles can lid). I got my lights from Dollar Tree. The lights had Spring stuff covering the lights but I removed them. The lights also were battery powered and came with an on and off switch.

Step 6: Finished

Now you are done!!! In low light to dark rooms this can light shines little light specks everywhere. The pictures do not do the can light any justice whatsoever so try it out! Make your own and post some pictures of it here! The can can (lol) also be painted to match any decor of any home or room so get busy and get creative!

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