DIY Candle Jar


Introduction: DIY Candle Jar

Step 1: Take a Old Candle Jar and Clean It Out I Will Tell You How to Do That in the Next Step

Step 2: To Clean the Candle Out Take a Butter Knife or Whatever to Clean Out All the Wax and the String

To Clean The Candle Out Take A Butter Knife Or Whatever To Clean Out All The Wax And The String then put water in it and put it in the microwave for 30sec it maybe hot so be careful...To cool the jar put cold water into it and take a rag to clean what's left over

Step 3: Take of Any Stickers Using Water and Your Hands

Step 4: Next Put Things Into the Jar

Step 5: On This One I Put Washie Tape and Colorful Beads and My Nail Art Supplys

Step 6:

Step 7: Ba Boooom Ur Done

Now enjoy your jar thx and bye



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