DIY Candy Buffet Jar

Introduction: DIY Candy Buffet Jar

From classic to kooky, candy buffets are a fun way to add to the joy of your celebration. This Dollar Tree DIY is budget friendly, takes hardly anything time to complete, and will surely wow your guest. They are a perfect addition to any event including weddings, birthday parties, and much more!

Materials needed:

3 jars with lids
4 glass candlesticks
E6000 glue
Spray paint

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Step 1: Purchase Items From Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree sells these adorable glass jars with lids that are perfect for our DIY candy buffet jar. You will need to purchase 3 jars and 4 glass candle sticks. all items are just $1

Step 2: Peel Labels From Jar

Peel barcode stickers from the bottom of jars and candle sticks

Step 3: Apply E6000 Glue

Apply E6000 glue to the bottom of the jars and to the top of the the candle sticks. Attach the two together

Step 4: To Make the Tallest Candy Buffet Jar

To make the tallest candy jar attach two candle sticks together by applying e6000 glue to the rims of the candle sticks and sticking them together

Step 5: Spray Paint Jar Lids

Spray paint the jar lids your desired color choice. Use a spray gun topper on top of your spray paint can to get an even coat. Allow paint to dry for 5 minutes before applying additional coats. Three coats of spray paint will do the trick.

Step 6: Tie Ribbons Around Jar Bases

Tie ribbons around jar bases

Step 7: You Are Finished

You are all complete! I hope you enjoyed this easy Dollar Tree tutorial. Watch this short DIY video to see a step by step tutorial

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    Love these! I had a candy bar/buffet at my wedding and these would have been perfect for it :)