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Introduction: DIY Canvas Painting

About: Hi! I'm Ana! I love DIY'ing and anything that has to do with Home Decor. About a year ago I began to share my diy projects on Pinterest and my Youtube channel for fun! I focus on doing Home Decor diy's since...

Hi!! I have a really hard time finding wall art pieces for my place. Most of the things I find are either not my "style" or simply way out of budget! SOOO I figured I must make my own!

I found inspiration for this DIY idea on Pinterest, as I always! Here is the direct link to it:

I really liked the original colors that were used, but I actually didn't have all of them sooooooo I just used what I had and I feel like they go quite nicely with the rest of my decor :)

I've gone to two Wine and Paint events and of course I now feel like i'm an expert lol just kidding! But it definitely did make me feel more at ease and confident when it came to painting (which i had never done before!)

It was really easy to paint and I truly can't wait to make something else! I hope this video inspired you to create your own painting! :)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This turned out looking great! I totally understand the not ever finding anything you like. It's a constant problem that I have.