DIY Car Footrest Light!




Introduction: DIY Car Footrest Light!

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Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day,road traffic injuries are predicted to become the fifth leading cause of death by 2030. There Are Many Causes To These Accidents, one of them is that an object gets stuck under the Brake,& hence the Brakes Fail Causing an Accident.
So My Main Motive Behind Making This Instructable Was to Prevent These Kind Of Situations.
Many People Drive late at night,Because of this there is not sufficient light To see the Brake,Clutch & the Gas pedals,But with This Hack You Can Prevent All These Things And Drive Safer.
It Looks Cool As Well!
Lets Get Started!

Step 1: Gather All the Materials!

In Order To Do This Hack We Are going To need a Few Things! The Total Cost for Me Was Around 4$
1) 12v LED Strip(these are extremely thin & Super Easy To Use!)--

2)Fuse With Fuse Holder!(In Order To Prevent Any Damage To the Battery Or The LED Strip)

3)1.5m Long Wires(We Need These In Order To Connect The Car Battery With The LED Strip)
You Can Find These Locally.

4) A Switch(To Turn On & Off The LED Strip!)
You Can Find These Locally!

Step 2: Placing the LED Strip!

Now We Need To Place The LED Strip Under The Steering wheel I Found A Good Spot Under The Steering Column.
Since The LED Strips Are Self Adhesive We Don't Need To Apply Any Kind Of Glue To it!

Step 3: Placing the Switch!

Now We Need To Find A Good Spot to Place the Switch.
I Used Some SuperGlue to Mount The Switch Near The LED Strip As Shown In The Picture.

Step 4: Finding the Firewall!

Now To Connect The LED Strip With The Car Battery We Need To Find The Firewall of The Car.
In case You Don't Know What a Firewall is. It Is the part of the bodywork that separates the engine from the driver and passengers.
I Found Mine Near The Clutch,We Need To Pass Two Wires Through it.
One For Positive & One For Negative!

Step 5: Wire Everything Up!

Now Its Time To Wire Everything Up.
Positive from LED STRIP>Switch
Switch> Fuse Holder
Fuse Holder > Car Battery
LED Strip Negative> Car Battery Negative!
Additionally I Used Heatshrink Tubing To Secure The Wires!

Step 6: Time to Test It Out!

Now We Are Done With All The Wiring,The Process Took Me About 30mins!
It Is Super Easy!
You Should Definitely Try This You Will Love This Hack!
Moreover it Costs About 4$!
So Its Definitely Worth'd!
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    18 Discussions

    I don't think this was really done as a safety thing, was it? Because it would be extremely dangerous to try to look at your feet while driving - you would have to hike up your skirt, spread your knees, and wedge your head under the steering wheel. Not something you should do in a moving vehicle. Especially on corners.

    However, I am in favour of putting strips of LED lights on EVERYTHING, because they are great. Also having VFL (Vehicular Foot Lights) would make it easier to find stray coins or pens etc. when cleaning the car instead of vacuuming them up.

    Probably you meant that a person returning to their car after dark should switch on the lights before getting in and check that no person of evil intent (or dog, if she's in the car) has placed something under the brake pedal.

    I can't personally see any benefit to this, if you need to see where your pedals are or do anything that risks letting things get under the pedals then you probably shouldn't be driving.

    New drivers don't need to be taught to look for the pedals, because that would be a poor way of teaching them as they would get into a habit of looking for the clutch before changing gears, or the brakes before braking.

    I admire your dedication to trying to help people but on this occasion I've got to say that not being able to see your pedals is a non issue, you will feel if they have suddenly disappeared when you start the car and try to pull away.

    2 replies

    You're right, what if I suddenly decide to dump all of my rubbish under my seat?

    Nothing will be under my pedals, because I don't treat my car like a bin, and even if I had a light, it wouldn't be in my field of view (which is usually above the steering wheel).

    In reality this is a non issue, has anyone who isn't your friend/family said it looks like a good idea? it seems more like you just wanted to add lights for the sake of adding lights.

    Useless. If a person needs a light to find the brake pedal they should not be driving.

    I'd recommend red led strips as the red color won't blind you. Sailors, military etc use red light at night to be able to still see at night and be able to read a map without being (mildly) blinded. I used it because i found out that driving for me became less tiring for my eyes. ( i prefer having a light on while watching tv at night)

    2 replies

    Hi, Thank you for your Interest.
    Yeah Red would be good.
    but Red would actually Be dull.
    I used my car with This thing on in the night & This Light Feels awesome

    First - anytime you pass wires through metal (like the firewall) you need a rubber grommet in the hole so the wires don't chafe and short out, which could cause a fire. So I would add one if I connected to the fuse-box (not directly to the battery) and if my car's fuse box was in the engine compartment.

    Second - if you connect the hot wire to the dash light switch to make these lights dimmable & the ground wire to chassis ground, (that is, any metal part of the car unless your car is made of plastic) you won't need to drill through the firewall.

    Third - although some people may not want this light added to their car. It does come with a switch so you can turn it off and if you do drop something in the foot-well you can turn the light on to spot it quickly. If I installed this ible in my car, I'd put a row of LEDs on the passenger's side and one for the back seat too, since passengers (children) are the clumsiest people in the car.

    Fourth - to ThomasK19 - in most European countries you aren't allowed to modify your vehicle unless you are a certified & licensed mechanic not just Germany. Therefore this ible is probably for European mechanics & anyone in the rest of the world.

    Fifth - Thank you, diyfuntech for your idea.

    Just dont keep your car like a bin and there is no problem. good 'ible for those wanting to add lights, but the lights are not needed

    Why should one light something you a) never see and b) you hit with your feet?

    As a side note: doing that in Germany would simply extinguish your allowance to use the car in public.

    5 replies

    and Yeah,Why Are you forgetting about elders who have weak eyesight? This Hack Would Simply Help Them To be Safer.

    I'm not the youngest... The pedals is not a place to stare on. You need to know by heart where to put your feet. Imagine one needs to stare on the brake pedal to actually break - instead of braking when it's needed. Whoa!

    Moreover You read It wrong,I made this For the Purpose that the area near the brake is clean all the time.

    What About The People Who are new to driving? And There are even pre made LED strip that is made for this purpose.
    why Are those made? Maybe You Should Object Them Before objecting me.
    what if one day a bottle gets under your brake?
    what would you do?
    these lights are Not to stare at bro.
    Think Before Commenting.

    Thank You For constructive criticism

    But,This Hack Lights up all The Footspace in your Car,This Can be useful For people who are new to driving.

    MoreOver,This Doesnt light Up Whole car,In my country I used it For About 5-6 days,Even in night. No one stopped Me For This Particular Reason.

    there Are Several Led strips which are made for this purpose only.

    agreed on the red light point. we use red lights in stargazing. for the brake pedal problem I say one should use a waste basket for trash, and make sure you scoot your floor mats when you need to. you should never take you eyes off of the road.

    1 reply

    Thanks For The Tip!
    I would Change it in future definately.