DIY Cardboard Amazons Driver

Introduction: DIY Cardboard Amazons Driver

This Instructable will show you how to make an Amazons Driver from Kamen Rider Amazons out of cardboard:

Things you'll need:

Cardboard (a lot)
Red cloth ( 2 strips)
Red Paper or Green Paper (For Omega or Alpha) (You can also use Purple for Sigma)
Transparent Duct Tape or Glue
Scissors or X-Acto Knife

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Step 1: Building the Driver

1.Cut the pieces in Two ovals (one small and One big), cut two rectangles (these will be the grips)
2. Cut two extra rectangles (they must be short)
3. Cut the eyes ( I chose Green for Alpha)
4. Tape or Glue the two strips of Red cloth to the grips
5. Tape or Glue all pieces except the eyes.
6. After you taped the pieces, tape the eyes.
7. You're done!

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