DIY Cardboard Bazooka

Introduction: DIY Cardboard Bazooka

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This is a flash project -- done in 30 minutes. Not accurately measured and assembled, but it brings happiness. It started when my kid found a fabric paper tube in front of the door. He was so exited that he took it in and ask me to transform it into a bazooka.

Well, it was Sunday and I was free. Then we started the project. He is so happy and that makes me think that I need to share this to others, but I don't have "behind the scene" photos. So I make another paper craft for instructables. Guess what?? Happiness got doubled for he can use the paper craft version with his Lego Mini Figures :D

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • Fabric paper tube.
  • Cardboard box.
  • Scissors.
  • Transparent tape.

Step 2: The Grip

Spread open your cardboard box and cut a rectangular shape. The width is proportional to the kid's hand grip around 1.5" to 2". The length is about 2.5x the desired grip length.

Fold it half horizontally, then fold a little at both ends to stick on the paper tube.

Stick the grip with transparent tape at the middle of the tube or slightly forward.

Step 3: The Support Grip

This step is the same with previous step. We are making a support grip to the 'heavy' bazooka, in front of the main grip. But this time I make a little modification, we are making a slope grip.

The cutting is no more rectangular but a 'greater-than' shape ( > ) . Follow the photos above and you'll get what I mean.

Step 4: The Shoulder Support

Prepare one large rectangle, there I marked two folding lines at the middle. We are going to form a rectangle box with it but the top side (both ends) is fold out a little (which is not drawn) as a place to stick to the paper tube just like the grip we made before.

Prepare the other two rectangles to form a support cross inside the box. Make half cut at each rectangle as photo #2 then slide them in to form an "X". Put the "X" inside the rectangle box as photo #3.

Stick the Shoulder Support at the back of the main grip.

Step 5: The Scope Holders

Cut two rectangles and fold them just like the main grip, a "V" shape with both ends fold out.

Place them in front of the paper tube, near the front end, side by side.

Step 6: The Scope

Cut a square. Fold into half and cut half circle at the folding side. So we get a square with a hole in it. Cut the scope holder half way to the paper tube. Cut the scope a little at the position of its holders. Slide it in the scope holder.

Step 7: The Missile

Make a small tube and a cone from rectangles. Place the cone pointy end inside the tube and cut the excessive. Flip the cone so that the pointy end facing out and stick it to the tube.

Step 8: The Missile Tail

Cut two pieces of trapezium shape. Cut one half way from the wide side. Cut the other one half way from the narrow side. Slip them in crossing each other. Put it inside the other open end of the tube.

Step 9: Launch!

We are done!

The kids are excited testing to launch the missile... in their imagination of course :D

The Grandpa is taking a role as counter terrorist with a machine gun build by my kids with Lego :)

Step 10: Scope Modification

My kid instructed me to modify the scope to the side instead of above the paper tube. I described to him on a paper. The next day, I found the new scope was installed ^_^

Summer... a good start for young makers ... ^_^

Step 11: See What We Make the Next Weekend

After the bazooka, I have more request for other guns. Well, three kids means three guns should be made. If you ask my eldest son, he can tell you the name top down after the bazooka :

  • Karabiner 98K
  • Thompson Submachine Gun
  • Pistol Machine Gun

Check out this simple mechanical retract trigger added to the Karabiner :D

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